NEZINI 4K Digital Camera,Auto Focus 48MP Vlogging Camera for YouTube and Anti-Shake Video Camera with Viewfinder Flash & Dial,16X Zoom Travel Portable Digital Camera with 32GB Card,2 Batteries (Black)

Travel camera
Price: $119.99
(as of Jul 24, 2023 08:05:54 UTC – Details)

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Let photography return to simplicity and record a beautiful life


“Embrace Simplicity, Capture Beautiful Moments”

Photography should not be limited to high-end equipment and professional skills. Everyone should have the opportunity to capture and preserve the beautiful moments in their lives.

That’s why our digital cameras feature a vintage design and incorporate a user-friendly operating system, allowing everyone to easily get started and quickly take satisfying photos.

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??????? ?????????:The point-and-shoot camera adopts CMOS image sensor is used to further improve the picture quality of photos and videos. High-definition, low-noise imaging can be obtained whether shooting still images or movies.
?? ????? & ????-?????:4K digital camera for beginners has pause and anti-shake functions to meet your HD needs for shooting sports and time-lapse, timing, and slow motion, saving time in video production!
??????????:The optical viewfinder can capture the beautiful scenery in your eyes in real time, reduce the impact of strong outdoor light on photography, and help beginners to obtain professional composition to take excellent photos!
????-??-???:The vlogging camera adopts a retro and stylish design, and a dial is added on the top to easily switch between different shooting modes. The small grip can get better stability when shooting.
????? & ???????:Portable camera is equipped with a flash to record clearer cultural landscapes in low light! The configured hotshoe can be connected with an external fill light and microphone.
????????????:Retro digital camera can be connected to a 1/4 screw tripod, use an HDMI cable to transmit to a TV for viewing, and a Type-C cable to connect to a computer for fast uploading!
????-????????:Digital cameras have more ways to play: filters, 16x zoom, beauty, time-lapse photography 2/5/10S, slow-motion shooting… As a webcam, you can easily use it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. use on.


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