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Costa Rica Ziplining – Enjoying living in costa rica things to do, just loving the lifestyle here

Hacienda La Chimba – https://haciendalachimba.com/
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Hacienda La Chimba is about 25 minutes from San Jose, Hacienda La Chimba is one a one stop shop offering a great variety of activities in just one destination. You can take advantage a tour on this amazing coffee plantation. It’s full of rich 1920s history of old Costarican heritage rooted in the coffee culture. Get a taste of this rich world famous coffee.

Beside the tasty coffee experience, La Chimba offers package of adventure, from The Mantra Trail, a 5 k or 9k walk through the breathtaking forest and a fully functioning coffee plantations with amazing photo opportunities around every corner. Don’t miss out on the bucket list opportunity to fly in the tree tops by Zipline,

This is one of my favorite location to spend the day hiking Trails and enjoy the great local food at the onsite restaurant. Enjoyment for all.

Costa Rica Travel vlog

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